AR Rifle Case

AR Rifle Case - Military / Law Enforcement Rifle Case

Product Part Number: FM4515-AR-RIFLE-CASE

Price: $309.50

AR Rifle Case Closed

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Transport an AR Rifle and pistol with the AR Rifle Case by 2a Armor. Rifle Case has room for magazines for both rifle and handgun. Case has folding handle and wheels.

Outside Dims: 46.60" L x 16.70" W x 6.80" H
Weight: 19.60 Pounds
Interior: High Density Foam Interior
Lid: Filled with Convoluted Foam - Egg Crate Style
Fits: AR 15, M4, M16, or Sopmod
Beretta M9 or Sig Sauer M11
Magazine: Holds 7 rifle magazines and 3 pistol magazines
Warranty: Case Comes with Lifetime Warranty
30 Day Foam Warranty

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